This modern and hip sandwich bento place has popped up in Hamby Town, right by Araha beach and invites customers with their welcoming atmosphere and spacious seating to take a break and have delicious lunch with friends and co-workers. 29cafe Pine Tree Bless was formerly located in Naha’s DFS and just moved to Hamby Town. The workers are very welcoming and helpful. The staff speaks great English and even helped us with the online order that is displayed by the entrance. 29cafe has a great mobile order and pick-up service as an alternative.

We ordered a great variety of foods, spicy chicken sandwiches, katsu-bentos and BLT’s and had a seat in a couch corner on the second floor. Center piece of the sandwich shop is a spacious dance floor. 29cafe is currently only open for lunch and dinner hours but will be a great place to create a bar and club like atmosphere in the future.

Our sandwiches ranged from about 600 to 800yen. Coffees and sodas range from about 400-500Yen and the bento boxes cost about 900yen. You can even order pizzas, salads or toasts. Everything is freshly made and served individually packaged. The spicy chicken sandwich I ordered was not too spicy and was topped with a delicious mustard mayonnaise sauce that complemented the softly grilled chicken. Payment was super handy, too. You can pay with Yen, via mobile or credit card. Free wifi is also available, as well as couches for relaxing or tables for studying and chatting. A great new place to check out with friends and co-workers and possibly soon for after dinner hang-outs, as the restaurant is planning on expanding its business.

29cafeパインツリーブレス ハンビー本店


Address: 〒904-0116 沖縄県中頭郡北谷町北谷2丁目13-4

Phone: +81989878986

Plus Code: 8Q26+W6 Chatan, Okinawa

Opening hours: Every day, 9am-9pm

Payment: Yen, Credit Card, Mobile pay

Google maps:パインツリーブレス+ハンビー本店/@26.3020528,127.7602795,19z/data=!4m8!1m2!2m1!1s29+cafe+hamby+town+okinawa!3m4!1s0x34e5130653d7c833:0x1bad9df97b1c020b!8m2!3d26.3022537!4d127.760563