L.A. style sushi and more make this American Village restaurant a hot spot.

Few sushi restaurants in Okinawa rival Kami Sushi’s customer service, atmosphere, and most importantly, variety of delicious menu items, including sushi rolls.

The rolls are quite big, a little too big to eat in one bite. Ingredients like salmon, tuna, avocado, and cream cheese appeal to Western palates. Because their English menus include both pictures and a list of ingredients in the rolls, the only issue you might have with ordering could be deciding what to choose.

Our sushi roll picks

The dragon roll is a favorite, filled with eel and crab and topped with avocado. The simplicity of the SAC roll (salmon, avocado, and cream cheese) lets the fresh ingredients shine. If you like salmon and a little spectacle, try the Norway Fire Salmon Roll (above). Your server will use a blow torch to cook the top layer of salmon, right at your table.

More than raw fish

If sushi isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other menu items to choose from, like yakisoba, stir fry, teriyaki, and salads. For appetizers, the fried squid offers a twist on fried calamari, while the gyoza are pretty standard and also tasty. There’s also a full drink menu, including fruit juices, cocktails, and beer.

Lots of sets to choose from

Different lunch sets, offering sushi, tempura (below), and other entrées, plus soup, rice, and dessert, are available. For lunch and dinner, there are also sushi roll and hand roll sets, which offer a sample of different fish and vegetables. We like Kami’s white sesame wrappers for hand rolls (shaped like cones) as opposed to the more traditional, black nori seaweed wrappers.

Top notch service

Kami takes care of its customers. The servers make reasonable substitutions, such as switching out cream cheese for avocado in your roll. At dinner, they give out small complimentary appetizers and desserts. Their point card offers incentives to eat there (not that you need any), such as free rolls and even ¥1000 gift certificates toward your next meal. Call ahead on busy weekends to reserve a table.

¥, $, & card

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun: 11:30 am to 3 pm; 5 pm to 11 pm

Kami Sushi

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