Kunnatou, located just before the bridge that connects you to the tiny, picturesque island of Oujima, is a soba shop that specialises in a quintessential Okinawa ingredient – mozuku. This type of seaweed is farmed in Okinawa’s pristine waters, and Kunnatou has found a way to utilize it in as many delicious and different ways as possible.

The handmade noodles are incorporated with mozuku. Most of the sets come with delicious crisp mozuku tempura. The tiny plate of jelly that you eat after the meal is made with mozuku. And of course, they serve a little bowl of mozuku itself, to slurp. Oh and I almost forgot, even the ‘jushi’ rice has bits of mozuku too!

The amazing thing is that it all somehow tastes different, due to the various ways that mozuku can be used and cooked. My personal favourite is the soki soba – noodles with pork ribs. The meat is so unbelievably soft and falls off the bone. The pork is local, as are the vegetables. The sets are varied, and very reasonably priced, considering how much food you get.

The menu is available in English, as the restaurant has become quite famous with foreign tourists. When the weather is cool, you can sit outside at the patio and enjoy the sea view. Inside is air conditioned, and there are three tatami area tables available, which are good if you have small children with you. On the walls you can see a display of the mozuku farming process, and also buy a wide range of local mozuku products, including the noodles if you want to try making your own soba at home.

If you are making the drive through Nanjo, Kunnatou is a must. Nearby attractions are Oujima island which has a small but lovely beach, Mibaru Beach, and Okinawa World.

Currency: Yen only
Menu: English available

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 11:00 to 19:00

Kunnatou Mozuku Soba

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Kunnatou Mozuku Soba

Shikenbaru 460-2, Tamagusuku, Nanjo-shi, Okinawa, 901-0613