This business is now closed. The review is kept here for archival.

Located in Chatan, Bovino’s is a Brazilian BBQ serving lunch and dinner. Both are served Churrasco style (grilled meat). The way it works is simple. Each table is given a small card, one side is green, the other is red. Leave it facing green, and a waiter will stop by your table periodically to offer you slices of meat off a large skewer, fresh from the grill. When you’re done, flip it to red. At lunch, this is 4-5 varieties, including lean rump and roasted chicken, and at dinner, 9 varieties including pepper steak and top sirloin. Both are set prices, and include access to a buffet of hot and cold dishes. It’s all you can eat too, so come hungry.

The food is spectacular. In particular, the top sirloin is juicy and full of flavor, but I also really enjoyed the Brazilian sausage and roasted chicken. After, you can enjoy their grilled pineapple. It also comes round on a skewer, and is coated in cinnamon. It’s divine. But it isn’t all you can eat!

Bovino’s has a bar, and a great selection of drinks including beers, wines, and spirits, as well as cocktails, tea and coffee, and smoothies. I was driving on my visit, so unable to sample their cocktail menu, but I did have a smoothie, which was refreshing and delicious.

Staff are friendly and welcoming, and the experience is wonderful. Bear in mind that this type of restaurant is designed to go at a leisurely pace. Food can be slow coming because it comes fresh from the grill, and during busy times has to be circulated among all patrons. So sit back, relax, grab some buffet, and sip on a cocktail!

Opening hours for lunch Monday-Friday is 1100-1430 (last order 1400), Saturday, Sunday, and holidays is 1100-1500 (last order 1430). Price is 1980 yen. Dinner Monday-Thursday is 1800-2130 (last order 2100), Friday and Saturday is 1700-2230 (last order 2200), and Sunday and holidays is 1700-2130 (last order 2100). Price is 3380 yen. Check their Facebook for special offers and discounts.