A Mexican Portuguese restaurant that serves coffee? YES! And it has Omochikaeri- (お持ち帰り) take out service! Located in Ginowan just off route 58, right behind the big Jimmy’s, it is a magnet for Mexican food lovers and coffee enthusiasts alike. The rustic feel of the restaurant is welcoming and creates a barn like but still homey atmosphere.

When I went to Pipeline Coffee with my friends, we were just on the search for coffee on the go, but we found a real gold mine! The menu offered a big coffee selection and we got different kinds of lattes, iced Americanos and hot coffees. The taste of the beans was very refreshing, not too bitter but not too sour either. I personally like dark roast and hardly ever go for light roast, but Pipeline’s iced Americano is just right in the middle to be refreshingly light but strong and smooth, just how I like my espresso.

We ordered outside and waited in the seating area to pay at a “to go” window, which is a great way to accommodate visitors who do not want to enter the restaurant. Pipeline Coffee’s menu ranges from filter brewed coffee, French press or pour over to espresso coffees like Americanos, lattes and specials like organic honey latte and espresso tonics. Most of the coffees can be ordered hot or cold which is perfect for cover lovers of different brewing methods. Seasonal bread & coffee sets or lunch & coffee sets are available for take out as well.

The prizes range from 350 Yen for a simple iced or hot brewed coffee to 500 Yen or 600 Yen for espresso lattes. The special organic honey latte uses locally grown Okinawa beans and costs 650 yen and the espresso club soda tonic which is only an iced option, is definitely worth a try to experience a different kind of coffee, even if you are not a big fan of cider coffees. It truly brings out the character of the roast!

Pipeline is an easy stop, there is plenty of parking for customers behind the building, the staff is very welcoming and not afraid to use their English! Check out their Instagram to be updated on lunch and coffee specials!

PIPELINE COFFEE (パイプラインコーヒー)

Address: 2 Chome-23-1 Oyama, Ginowan, Okinawa 901-2223

〒901-2223 沖縄県宜野湾市大山2丁目23−1

Business hours: Every day, 11:00–16:00, 18:00–00:00 (Sundays, open during lunch time as well)

Phone: 098-943-6144

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lapolleria_pipelinecoffee/

Google maps: https://g.page/pipelinecoffee?share