Iha Soba (伊波家 Ihaya)

Love the Okinawa cuisine? Want to try a brimming hot soba bowl full of juicy pork bits or a steaming Chanpuru? The best places on island are the little Shokudos and Sobayasans to get your fill of Okinawa food.

One of the local stores worth of checking out is Iha Soba in Nodake, Nakagusuku.
The menu ranges from different kind of sobas and soups to stir fry dishes and stews. It is always fun to try the different kinds of sobas like the pork rib or pig feet soba. The latter is actually really tasty and comes with such soft and tender cooked meat, which makes it the favorite of many Okinawa cuisine lovers. Yes, it sounds a bit interesting but you will come to love it, once you have tried it. If you want to go for something a bit less challenging, get the San-mai-niku soba, which comes with noodles and spare ribs on top. Also very juicy and tender.

If you do not feel like noodles today, no problem. Get one of the many omelet or stews. Omu-rice (omelette rice) is a safe bet if you are new to the Okinawa cuisine. Try the Tofu stir fry to get a different taste of healthy food or dare your friends to buy the Fried Liver set.

Enjoy this comfy and big Sobaya-san with your family and friends. And no worries, English menus are available as well!

Opening Hours

11am-8pm (every day but thursday)

Iha Soba

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