Take me down to the paradise city where the burgers are simple and the condiments are plenty- oh, won’t you please take me… to Benson’s!

Despite all the loud hype going on with all the younger generation, Benson’s manages to keep it real and holds true the statement that “simple is best”. One of the last few places on island where you can get a simple plain regular Wagyu burger. Located alongside a small storm water river, it gives a somewhat pier-side vibe bolstered even more by the fact that it is just a small food shack.


Their menu is as simple as it gets with mostly burgers, pizzas, and other finger foods. The one to try is obviously the Benson’s special – a basic all black wagyu burger with all the trimmings. I had the cheeseburger and was given a look when I went overboard with the mustard. (Sue me- I like mustard!) And what better combination to have with your burger you might wonder? You guessed it- its beer! Local and import, rest assured they got it. Although I haven’t tried it, the other dishes (most notably the tacorice) seemed very delicious as well as a lot of people around me were ordering it. Pricewise, it’s at 1000+ yen, a bit more on the higher end side if you compare it to a typical burger stand but honestly, prices of everything is on the rise these days so it’s not too bad. The taste more than makes up for it.

Garlic Tacorice for the win!

Benson’s is perfect for a quick snack after a day of shopping at the local Depot Island or even walking back from a swim at sunset beach. Just a perfect quiet place to chill and relax a bit to have a chat with your buddies. Location is almost across from the Mihama 7plex cinema. To get there, the easiest way is to go to the GiGO game center parking and walk. If you are going to drink, it helps to know that there is a Daiko service that passes that area on weekends looking for customers.