The island of Kudaka, also known as 神の島 (Kami no shima) and said to be the first Ryukyu island created by an ancient goddess, lies peacefully off of the Chinen peninsula in Nanjo. A 5km distance separates Okinawa main island from Kudaka and the speed boat trip takes only about 15 minutes from Azama port. A great destination for a day trip! As you arrive, you are greeted by bike rental vendors and many guide posts to various sacred spots, beaches and exciting caves that wait to be explored.

Go and rent that bike! And no worries, there are not many hills on this little island. It is only about 7km long and it takes only a few minutes from one tip to the other. The bike rental goes by hour and a whole day only costs 1000 yen. The streets are mostly concrete. At times you can take rocky dirt paths to explore rough capes and beautiful sandy beaches. Since there are many sacred areas on the island you will also find areas where visitors are prohibited from entering.

Be sure to check out Upama beach with the infamous Okinawa star sand. Relax by the water, feel the soft sand and unwind to the sound of the ocean. Another great path to check out is the Romance Road, which is a beautiful path with benches and lookouts along the way. That was my favorite part of the island.

As you explore, you will hardly find stores and restaurants, though. The shops on islands are mainly for the natives who live on Kudaka and have limited business hours. There are no konbinis, but some vending machines. It is best to pack lunch or to stop at a store before boarding the ferry to Kudaka. A round trip on the boat costs about 1400Yen. Enjoy your day and be sure not to miss the last boat to Okinawa main island!

Website: (Japanese) (Nanjo City website- English)

Ferry Schedule & island rules: (English)

Ferry Prizes:
High-Speed Boat (approx 15 min)
Adult one-way 760 yen round-trip 1460 yen
Child one-way 390 yen round-trip 750 yen

Ferry (approx 25 min)
Adult one-way 670 yen round-trip 1280 yen
Child one-way 340 yen  round-trip 650yen

Address: 〒901-1501 沖縄県南城市知念久高 (Kudaka Chinen, Nanjō, Okinawa, 901-150

Kudaka Island