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Welcome to Hotel Chocolat, such a lovely place, full of chocolates.

Obviously, this is just the name and you can’t actually stay there as it’s not really a hotel but rather, a chocolaterie. Hotel Chocolat has taken chocolate to a whole new level by infusing it into a bunch of non-edible toiletries. And here I am thinking chocolate was only for eating. Silly me, right?

Dream it and it will come true!

First off, in terms of chocolate as an edible, Hotel Chocolat pretty much has it all. Dark, white, dry fruit infused, mint, nuts, etc., pretty much any combination you can think of. Uniquely, they even have one of those chocolate truffle balls with champagne in the middle. As you continue inside, you will notice a sink in the middle of the store.

Would have been amazing if chocolate came out of there

The sink is used to test out the different types of facial scrubs, lotions, and even some aromatics. They finally developed a way to make your house smell like chocolate 24/7. Absolutely bonkers and what a time to be alive! Goes without saying but do not try to eat it. For the sweet-tooth-hungry-hippos who cannot wait a minute longer to eat the deliciousness of the cocoa, there is also a dine in space where you can enjoy having some chocolate frappés, cookies, and scones. Their frappés are too sweet for my taste but I am the type that enjoys 3 cups of strong black coffee in the morning. Price is a bit expensive for me, ranging at about 500 yen per chocolate bar and higher for the other items but the quality is top notch and you do get what you pay for.

Chilled Choc’s for the win!

Hotel Chocolat is perfect for that little in-between break to rest your feet for a while before continuing on your shopping marathon. It’s also a great place to have a nice chat with a friend to catch up on things. To get there, head over to the Parco mall. Hotel Chocolat is on the 2nd floor around the middle section. Don’t forget to ask for a stamp card!

Business Name: Hotel Chocolat (Cafe)

Google Map Location Link:

Tel#: 098-887-0007


They accept yen, credit cards, and IC cards

Opening Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm (Everyday)