Once upon a time, there was an ice cream parlour that manage to find its way into the hearts of the Okinawan people. Fast forward to today, despite multiple expansions and franchising, they just could not keep up with the demand and decided that it had to be taken up to the next level. Enter- Hug3Do by Blue Seal. This hybrid ‘confectionary ice cream parlour’ is the new kid on the block and is making quick head way once again as its predecessor into the hearts (and bellies) of not only the Okinawa people but also to the local tourists and international public.

If only this giant was edible!

So what exactly is Hug3Do? Here we go, better get your notepad ready. The number 3 in Japanese is “San” which makes it “HugSanDo”, and “Sando” in Japanese is the shorten word for sandwich, making Hug3Do read as a Hug Sandwich! They use cookies as the bread, ice cream as the filler, and sprinkles/chocolate as the condiments. Basically, a sandwich of sweet nectarine of deliciousness! Now I know what you are thinking; how much of these sandwiches can I eat before I officially transform in to a giant sugar cube…? Well, believe it or not, it’s actually not as big of a sweet-leap as you would think. Just imagine swapping a sugar cone with a cookie and you can visualize that it’s not that different. For the price, each sandwich ranges from 500-600 yen depending on the number of fillers you get. Foodie tip: when you go on the 3rd, 13th, or 23rdof the month, you get the 3 filler sandwich for the price of 1 (as if they are giving the ice cream away!)

Home made cookie factory!

Hug3Do is hands down absolutely perfect as a dessert restaurant. They may have some non-sweet sandwiches which I thought has no place being there but if you are a bit queer, guess you could grab it as a quick lunch. Location is at the American Village in Chatan. Easiest way to get there is to head over to the GiGO game center parking lot. It is covered in bright pink decor so it should be pretty hard to miss.

Business Name: Hug3Do (Dessert Shop)

Google Map Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/iMi8b7Fcfu5seydH7

Tel#: 0989368067

Website: https://hug3do.blueseal.co.jp/

They accept cash, ecash, and credit cards.

Opening Hours: 12:00nn-9:00pm (everyday, 11:00am- on Saturday and Sunday)