There is a little town in the South of Okinawa called Yaese with a population of 29,488 people and rising. This little town is home to a quaint little cafe called Aguro Roasted Coffee. It’s a hidden gem in the country side on the outskirts of Yaese. Even though this café is a little out of sight, you won’t be able to miss the huge, bold sign that says “COFFEE WAFFLE” just by the entrance.

Now, as you walk into this cosy cottage-like cafe you’re immediately greeted by the smell of fresh home-brewed coffee and toasted waffles.

The entire place has a relaxing ambience with an earthy palette. They have accessories and ornaments for sale on shelves on the right. There is a long table with chairs by the window on the left. This would be a lovely area to enjoy a late afternoon coffee or a waffle but due to COVID, they are taking extra care and are only offering take out options.

Aguro Roasted Coffee Café is run by Mr. and Mrs. Akamine, who opened shop five years prior. They are a beautiful couple and they greet customers with the kindest and warmest smiles. They were very open with us and answered our questions without hesitation.

The café menu offers waffles with assorted flavors, our favorites were the cream cheese, chocolate mint and earl grey flavors. They also have a variety of coffee beans from around the world. There are coffee beans from Honduras, Brazil, East Timor, Colombia, Ethiopia and so much more.

Aguro Roasted Coffee Café is a sweet place to stop by for a coffee and snack before taking a drive out to see the sites in Yaese and Nanjo City. They usually open at 1pm in the afternoon and close shop by 6pm and are closed on Mondays.

Opening Hours

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – Sunday – 1pm – 6pm



Aguro Roast Coffee Cafe