If you’re heading up North on highway 58, Todoroki Falls is well worth a stop. It’s just south of Nago in the quiet village of Sukuta and is signposted all the way from the 58 to the large parking area. A small admission fee paid into the ticket machine at the entrance helps to maintain the park, which features barrier-free walkways, immaculate bathrooms and clean and shaded picnic areas.

The 30-meter-high waterfall really is beautiful and can be viewed and photographed from various locations around the park. Waterfall enthusiasts might prefer to go during the Okinawan rainy season when the falls are at their fullest, loudest and most impressive. Though if you have kids that want to play in the stream at the bottom, it might be better to wait until the summer when the water levels have gone down a bit. The park itself is surrounded by typical Okinawan greenery and is home to many species of wildlife notably dragonflies, beetles and newts. There are a number of information boards around the park displaying what species of plants and animals can be found there. Another interesting feature of Todoroki is the monolithic rock face just next to the falls which is the tallest monolith in Okinawa and came into existence about 15 million years ago as magma from underground cooled and solidified.

Todoroki Falls clearly has a long history in the area as a scenic spot and a place where families come together to enjoy time in nature. My family and I think it’s a lovely place, and often stop by to marvel, relax and recharge.


594 Sukuta, Nago, Okinawa 905-0023



Open 7 days 0900-1800

Admission – General 200 Yen, Children (elementary-high school) 100 Yen (Yen only)

Free parking available (approx. 40 cars)