The restaurants below have teamed up with an out of work daiko company to provide an affordable delivery option for you.
All payments by Card via email
Free delivery on orders over ¥3000 within 4 Km

4.1Km to 9.0Km ¥500 charge
9.0km to 15.0 Km ¥1000 charge
Add ¥500 for orders under ¥3000

Please contact restaurant facebook pages directly to order. Delivery available 11am to 7pm

Off base only or to Gates that have approved delivery. Tips are not required but greatly appreciated by the drivers

Five star deli. Delivery starts 4/27
Ken’s Burrito. Delivery starts 4/27
CC’s Chicken & Waffles. Starts 4/27
Sunabe Gyros. Delivery starts 4/29
Little Cactus. Delivery starts 5/5
Sandbox Burgers. Delivery starts 5/7
Kebab’s Indian restaurant. Start TBA

Click the image of each restaurant below to visit their Facebook page and order

Five Star Deli
Ken's Burrito Truck
CC's Chicken & Waffles
Sunabe Gyros
Little Cactus
Sandbox Burgers