If you've walked around American Village recently you probably can't have missed the bright yellow coffee cups that come from local coffee brand Zhyvago.

Zhyvago coffee has two brances in American village with the main location complete with roastery just across from the parking lot of the Hilton hotel with another smaller location on the boardwalk that runs behind Depot Island in American Village. Their style is aimed to be industrial west coat America mixed with Okinawa and have been around since 2015.

It's quite a unique space with an ice cream/donut shop, mixed with a grill and also a bicycle shop. It's definitely got a funky vibe and makes a change from the cookie cutter coffee shop chains.

On the menu there's the standard fare of lattes, americanos and espressos but also some original espresso frozen shakes named "mad shakes" coming in a chocolate and caramel version. There's also a seriously tempting selection of fresh pastries and cakes, some of the best we've seen in a coffee shop on island.

The coffee was good and had a stronger flavor than a lot of places, prices are a bit higher than chains, but you're getting a better experience from local friendly staff. Also did we mention the cakes! These you aren't getting in your international coffee chains!

Tel: 098-988-7833

Open: 7am – 10pm (7 Days)