Which came first; the chicken or the egg? How about we just say both! Literally the case for Toritama, where they specialize in marrying the 2 ingredients in to masterful dishes. At first, it may seem like a tiresome overload of chicken and egg flavour but just hold off judgement for a bit and see what kind of succulent dishes they are able to achieve.

Eggs-plosion to the max!

Obviously, when it comes to chicken and egg dishes, you have to start with the king – the Oyakodon, which in case you didn’t know is rice topped with stir-fried chicken and egg similar in fashion to a Katsudon. This is their signature and they certainly aren’t shy to show it as that dish alone has already multiple variants. The most popular one being the one with cheese (duh!) but honestly it doesn’t matter which you choose because they are all absolutely delicious. Next in line to the throne is the omelette rice. Although no chicken in this dish, the thick sauces of demi-glace or ketchup rice just works so well with the creaminess of the egg that for a second you completely forget that this is a chicken-egg joint. Personally, I wouldn’t order the omelette rice over the Oyakodon but it might be perfect for that vegetarian friend you may have. The one I ended up ordering was the Chicken Nanban which usually doesn’t come with egg however, the tartar sauce I believe has some fine chopped egg in it. At Toritama’s, they threw caution to the wind and went whatever- let’s put the whole friggin’ egg in there! In fact, make it 2! As for the cost, luckily, Toritama is mostly a food court restaurant which means a slight rest for your wallet. Each dish is less than 1000 yen with the option to add-ons to make in to a set. The red bean rice option in particular is my favourite.

Yes, those are WHOLE EGGS!

I would say Toritama is just absolutely perfect for that mid-work (not work out) lunch. Its high protein-high egg dishes gives that afternoon push that some of us just desperately need. There are many locations of Toritama throughout the island with their notable easy access ones being in the food courts of the Parco mall in Urasoe and Rycom mall at Kitanakagsuku. For those health conscious, one thing I want advice: when selecting your dish, ask how many eggs go in to it so that you don’t accidentally go overboard! Enjoy!

Business Name: Toritama (Restaurant)

Google Map Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/pN241wFDLQdPZkdW6

Tel#: 0989172187

Website: https://toritama.com/

They accept yen, e-payments, and credit cards

Opening Hours: 10:00am-10:00pm (everyday)