Garlicky Goodness at Arin Krin

Arin Krin is a funny little place. Touted as a garlic dishes speciality restaurant, curiosity piqued, and I decided to give it a try. I dined with three others, here’s how it went.

It sort of looks like an Onsen (bath house) inside, with large wooden benches and tables great for seating large parties. It was clean, welcoming, and the staff spoke good English. Menu’s are available in Japanese and English. It’s warm and cosy, with a vibrant atmosphere, a wonderful place to dine with friends.

The food is insanely good. I wondered what on earth could be so great about a garlic place, and now I know. Variety. They have huge choice. It was really hard to choose, but eventually I settled on bacon and mushroom, cheese and meat egg plant gratin, fried mashed potatoes with cheese, and I sampled some of my companions’ food too, which included tacos pizza, chicken and mushroom pizza, and deep fried chicken. It’s hard to convey in words how good it was. Everything obviously had a garlicky taste, but for the most part it wasn’t overpowering. The tacos pizza was especially delicious, and so was the gratin. Packed with flavour, fresh and generously portioned. Special mention to the fried mashed potato and cheese, it was heavenly. I have no clue how they get it so perfect. fair sized balls of creamy mashed potato with a light, crisp shell, oozing with cheese. I could’ve happily sat and ate 100’s of them!

Drinks menu is pretty extensive too, including cocktails, sake, beer, as well as soft and fruit drinks. We all stuck with non-alcoholic (driver, work the next day!), but the cocktails especially would be enough to tempt me back on a day I don’t have to drive or work. The fruit juice was nice though, I had apple, it was a nice accompaniment to my meal.

Price wise, it varies greatly depending on what you order. We spent roughly 2-3,000 yen each, including drinks, so quite pricey, however we did order an awful lot of food! The great thing is there’s so much variety that you’ll easily find something to suit both your taste (as long as that includes garlic!) and budget.

Price: varies depending on dish.

Accepts: Yen, credit card.

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 17:00 to 01:00

Arin Krin

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