Although it partially shares the same name, I am not talking about that giant shopping mall located in Urasoe. Pizza Parco instead is one of the oldest established pizza places on island. Despite only offering take out services, it still manages to rack n’ stack customer orders as with its delivering competitors. Now let’s ‘slice’ in and find out why.

Sorry take out only my dudes!

With over 25+ different varieties, the uniqueness of its menu is just absolutely bonkers! For example, consider one of their best sellers – the hat-trick – is a pizza with 3 different type of sausages (sliced vertically to maximize their sausage to pizza surface area ratio) on a mustard based sauce with cheese, bell peppers, and corn. Sounds weird I know, but its one of the best sellers for a reason.

So much choices, so little time

They also have something called the Mexican heat (woo- spicy!), teriyaki chicken pizza, and Jagabe, which is basically a ridiculous amount of potatoes with a small resemblance of a pizza, I guess. For those who want to stick to the more traditional type like myself, you can’t go wrong with the Pizza Parco mix. A standard everything-on-it pizza. Sizes comes in medium, large, and extra-large, with the extra-large being perfect for potlucks and group parties. Still not unique enough for you? How about this for size; a heart-shaped extra-large pizza! Must have been a Valentine’s Day special that just stuck year round. An absolute perfect way to make amends when you did something wrong. I mean, what kind of crazy person can stay mad looking at a heart shaped pizza? At least not for someone like me who considers pizza as the universal sign of love and peace. That, and beer, of course.

Love the way you slice

Pizza Parco has about 23 locations total with a few of them on the mainland and the remote islands. Prices are a little bit lesser than your average delivery pizza ranging at 1800 yen to 2200 yen depending on the flavour and size. Usually it’s about a 15 minutes wait to get your order but foodie tip; you can call instead so you don’t have to wait. Goes without saying but don’t forget to get your Tabasco and parmesan!


They accept yen and barcode payments

Opening Hours: 11:30am-9:00pm (Friday to Sunday), 4:30pm-9pm (Monday to Thursday)