In the third instalment of our “Tastes Of Mihama” series, I give Jetta Burger a try. Jetta Burger is located in the back part of Depot Island, above retail shops. It’s touted as a Mexican Cantina (so the name may be a little confusing, but it has so much to offer. Here’s how my trip went.

Up a short flight of stairs, at the front, you hit the outside (although it is covered and has protection, it was chilly) area, which is also the take out window and kitchen. A trip further round takes you to the restaurant area, decorated with kitsch Americana and traditional Mexican art. It’s a very welcoming entrance. Cheerful staff who speak excellent English greet and seat you, menu at the ready. They offer so much choice, they have two: drinks and food. All in both English and Japanese. The inside is like a Day Of The Dead festival, bright colours, sugar skulls and paper banners adorn every inch. It’s really quite something. I love individually styled places, and this one ticked a lot of boxes.

They have a great burger selection, with simple hamburgers, cheeseburgers, and for those with a big appetite, fully stacked burgers bursting with eggs, bacon, and avocado. They also have a huge range of Mexican goodies: Tacos were a popular choice, but also a big selection of that great Mexican/Okinawan crossover, the Taco rice. My husband accompanied me on this little research trip, so I will include what he had here too (I obviously had to do a sizeable taste test for fairness!). I went simple, with a double cheeseburger and cheesy fries, washed down with a matcha smoothie (more on drinks shortly), whilst he went with avocado taco rice, cheesy fries and a blueberry smoothie. The restaurant does set meals, we both had the smoothie set, and paid an extra 100 yen for the cheesy fries (the meal comes with plain). The food was unbelievable. Ultra fresh, packed with flavour, and really filling. I enjoyed my burger very much, but after tasting the taco rice, I wish I’d ordered that. The spice level was just right, and mixed with cheese and avocado, as well as the rice, was a taste sensation! Best taco rice I’ve ever eaten.

The drinks menu is as extensive as the food menu! A large, stacked bar sat in front of us, tempting us with its many wares. Sadly, due to driving for me and work for him the next day, we skipped on the alcohol, and opted for smoothies instead (as mentioned above, these came as part of a set meal, great idea). The blueberry smoothie my husband opted for was refreshing, with a slight sharp taste, great if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth. On the opposite end of the spectrum, my matcha smoothie had caramel and whipped cream, it was like a dessert and a drink rolled into one! If you’ve never tried matcha, or matcha with caramel, I urge you to visit Jetta and give it a go. I love all things matcha, and I’m happy to say so far this is the best matcha treat I’ve tried.

Let’s get down to price. How much for all this? Surprisingly, not much. A little over 3,000 yen, which for two people is a great price. The set menu’s they offer help keep the price down (I worked it out based on the individual price of all our options, and it came to just over 4,000 yen, so that’s a decent saving). This is certainly on my list to visit over and over again.

Price: varies depending on dish

Accepts: Credit card and yen

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY  10:00 am – 11:30 pm

Jetta Burger

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Jetta Burger

2F Distortion Fashion Building, 9-19 Mihama, Chatan-Cho, Okinawa, 904-0115