Jack in the donuts can be found on the fourth level of Aeon Rycom’s Gourmet World. It’s close to the entrance, on the left hand side.

It does exactly what it says on the tin: donuts. Lots of them. The name is a clever play on “Jack in the box”, and if you take your donuts to go, you’ll get them in a cute, colourful box. You can eat in too, they just come wrapped in little bags.

Starting at only 100 yen, and with a big selection, you won’t have an issue finding a donut you like. They have ring, filled, glazed, chocolate, powdered and flavoured. I tried a glazed ring donut, and a matcha ring donut. Both were delicious. I love matcha anything, and I wouldn’t hesitate to have it again. For anyone wondering what matcha is, it’s powdered green tea, and you can find it in a lot of things (donuts, lattes, pocky, cakes, muffins, the list goes on). Both donuts were sweet and fresh, no staleness to be found here.

It works like this: just fetch yourself a tray and a pair of tongs, select the donut(s) that most appeal to you (all the labels are in Japanese, if you can’t read, you can ask the cashier, or choose one and let it be a mystery!), pay and enjoy! very simple. The hardest part, of course, is choosing.

You can get drinks here too, like coffee and hot chocolate, but I went just for the donuts! Great way to satisfy that sweet craving, or boost energy after a long shopping trip.

Price: from 100 yen for a single donut.

Accepts: yen, credit card.

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SUNDAY  10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Jack In The Donuts

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