Finally! Jimmy’s bakery opened a restaurant down in Oyama, Ginowan. A perfect combination of high end confiserie and Japanese grilled buffet in a relaxed diner setting for the whole family to enjoy. Jimmy’s Island Grill is a little bit tucked away in the big Route 58 Jimmy’s in Ginowan but serves the most amazing food! Come and try juicy salads, fresh baked pizzas, marinated chicken strips and soy-sauce fried drumsticks, along side various Japanese stir fry, creamy pasta and Chinese wonton.

The highlight of the buffet is the individually cut and served steak that is set out fresh every few minutes. It’s taste is mild and juicy, as it is topped with a Japanese style vinegar dressing.

Wow, this was so good!

For dessert, treat yourself to sweet cakes and breads, enjoy creamy coffee, teas and toast your own delicious fruit cake and bread rolls in a little oven. I was impressed with the great quality of the bread and cakes which taste like the desserts from the Jimmy’s store, which I only rarely buy but love to eat when a friend brings them around. One of my favourite desserts was the toffee chocolate which matched a strong black coffee from the drink section of the Island Grill perfectly to top off this delicious lunch.

Jimmy’s Island Grill is child-friendly, even offers high chairs toddlers. The lunch buffet is available from 11am-2:30pm every day and costs 1,600Yen per adult (850Yen for Junior High Schoolers and 550Yen for kids) on weekdays. On weekends the price goes up to 1,800Yen for adults. Dinners cost 1,800Yen for adults on weekdays and 2,000Yen on weekends, so the Lunch Buffet is definitely to be recommended, even though it differs from the special, more elaborate dinners. On selected nights Jimmy’s host special “Meat Buffets” which cost 2,600Yen and is a meat heaven for every lover of thick and juicy steaks.

Jimmy's in Oyama ジミー大山店内

Address: 〒901-2223 Okinawa, Ginowan, Oyama, 2 Chome−22−5

Phone: 098-942-8444

Business hours: Every day, 11am – 9:30pm (Fridays open til 10pm)

Payment: Yen Cash or credit card