I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is no denying that Okinawans truly love their steaks. Here we see the birth of yet another steak house chain (not that I’m complaining), Yappari Steak. As if trying to invade the island by numbers, Yappari steak seemingly out of nowhere started to raise franchises one after another in rather quick successions. Before I knew it, I feel like I’m seeing a Yappari steak every ten minutes or so by car. So I guess the question remains; what differentiates it from the rest? Let’s get into the meats.

First off, it would be a crime if I didn’t mention their flagship; the tenderloin. Obviously the most tender cut in their menu, gives you the proper bang for your buck in terms of quality per amount per cost. If you are looking for that not-so-fancy, quick power lunch steak option, I would recommend the rump. This is their second tier no nonsense slab of beef. Good stuff indeed. One thing that ensures deliciousness is that they provide a wide variety of spices and condiments for you to flavor to your liking. They also serve the steak with rice, soup, and salad to ensure that you get your proper fill. And now for the ultimate foodie tip: the Deka-Mori (mega) steak bowl. They have a special menu item in a few of the franchises called the Deka-mori steak bowl. This colossal steak bowl consists of a whopping 1kg of food where approximately 700g of it is meat. But wait, there’s more! The most impressive part of this menu item is the price: the entire steak bowl will only cost you (wait for it..) 1,000 yen! This item is only available to the first five who order it per day so make sure you get there early and order it as fast as you can. I believe the steak they use in the bowl is most probably the rump cut which is not bad at all. The whole thing is a genius marketing ploy if you ask me. Bravo Mr. Yappari steak house marketing guy.

Ultimately, Yappari steak is here to play and here to stay. With their price range being extremely reasonable approximately 1-2,000 yen per person, it’s a solid choice for office outings or lunch time options. Not so much for romantic couples or dates. There are multiple branches throughout the island but the one that surely has the Deka-mori bowl is the Koza branch. To get there, when you exit Kadena AB gate 2, turn left at the Koza music town intersection on route 75. Keep driving straight for about 15 mins and you will see the steak house on the left. Make sure to go hungry!

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