When the stress you deal with throughout your day start piling up, sometimes you just gotta let loose and chillax, am I right? Probably one of the most popular venues for celebration of special occasions and office events, Poco-A-Poco has been the “it” spot for quite some time now. The one in Chatan especially deserves a special mention due to its unique interior settings and nice view of Araha beach. Let’s go on to the food.

Poco-A-Poco is technically considered an Izakaya which is as you may already know, a type of Japanese bar in which inexpensive dishes and snacks are served to pair with alcoholic drinks. Picture a sort of pub that serves finger foods for cheap. Usually when you say finger foods, I’m assuming what comes to mind are microwave heated dishes such as pizza bagels or salted pretzels. At Poco-A-Poco’s, they put pride in their food. My goodness! They had this cube cut steak which I tried and really enjoyed. Some garlic bread or rice on the side would have made it into a full blown dish on its own. They got a wide selection of food choices that it actually becomes a bit of a challenge to try them all. Most are made with quality and is apparent that they weren’t made just to be snacked alongside alcohol. Their drink menu is also impressive as well. Keeping the image of the Izakaya intact, they have a robust (and quite impressive I might add) list of different types of cocktails and alcohols to choose from. They do have the hard stuff (Yes, I mean Awamori) too but, I very much enjoy waking up the next morning knowing what happened the night before. Hence, no thank you for me, I will stick to just the beer please.

All and all, pretty awesome stuff. Consider this place for your next office or event function. Price is reasonable for an all you can eat/drink for about 3,000 yen. Be careful though because there is a time limit of your dining experience (although not that strictly enforced). They have multiple branches on island but the one I am referring to is the one in Chatan. Easiest direction is to head towards the Araha beach parking in front of the playground wrecked ship and basketball courts. As you enter the road towards the parking, Poco-A-Poco is the big building on the right. Make sure to reserve to get a special room or a table with a view of the beach!

They accept yen and credit cards

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6:00pm-1:00am (Everyday)

Poco A Poco

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