When you get tired of the chain coffee houses and crave for a new “secret spot” for extravagant coffee and amazing food, Mother coffee will greet you and meet all your expectations. This Cafe, just off of the 330 in Kitanakagusuku, is a cosy restaurant with rustic style, great food and delicious coffee. An amazing date spot, a stop for take-out coffee or a great hide out for your afternoon downtime. The restaurant opens at 7am and has quite many customers for breakfast and lunch time, so make sure you come early. They do not take reservations. The ambience is casual, perfect to relax with your friends!

Mother Coffee is known for their delicious sweet and savory dutch baby pancakes. Try the Berries Baby pancake. It tastes sweet and fresh and is a perfect match for a sweet Latte. Other good options are chocolate banana or apple caramel pancakes, topped with cream! Or go for the savory ones like Sweet Chili Pork or Macaroni au gratin. Those are so fun to try. Mother coffee also serves smoothies, Tea and soft- drinks. Try the espresso smoothie if you love coffee. It’s sweet but strong. Just how coffee lovers like it.

The afternoons are usually less crowded. Parking is very limited but do not let that keep you from coming and experiencing Mother Coffee for yourself!

〒901-2317 Okinawa Prefecture, Nakagami 字瑞慶覧588

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Open every day but Thursday

Mother Coffee

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