When it comes to Yakiniku, nothing quite beats the smoky flavour you get from a char grill, am I right? Unfortunately, most yakiniku places have already converted to convection style heating… except HERE! An-An is one of the last Yakiniku places that still offers good quality meat grilled proper over charcoal (as it should be). See what I mean below.

Yakiniku vent industrial revolution!

At first glance, An-An seems like just another typical Yakiniku place you would find on island. Diners eat on typical looking tables with regular wooden chairs, waitstaff bringing the food on individual plates that you order through an iPad. There are the industrial style exhaust vents which is good to prevent that smoke from getting in to your eyes. I’ve always thought Yakiniku places lacked ample ventilation. So far, pretty typical yakiniku place to me. But hold up a minute – where on earth is the grill?! Instead, I am given these marble tabletop tablets which doesn’t look like meat should be cooked on. Later I find out that the marble is to protect the table from the mini kiln which they bring to you as this is where the charcoal is used to be heated. Whatever you do, don’t touch it! (For people like me, this needs to be said). In terms of price, unfortunately An-An is a bit on the pricier end as its pay per plate ranging from 300 to 500 yen for a few slices. Some branches do offer the all you can eat option but even that is on the pricier side at 3,000 yen or higher and do not offer charcoal grill. On the other hand, If you are a light eater, this might be perfect for you. Also, before I forget to mention, one of the biggest advantages of An-An is they have beer! Before I even order, somebody reserve me the Daiko driver!

Beef, Chicken, or Pork? – Yes

An-An is perfect for that occasional Yakiniku meals where you want to elevate the quality from time to time. Perfect for family meals as well. If you go there for drinking with your buddies, don’t forget your calculator to split the bill! Yikes!

Business Name: An-An (Restaurant)

Google Map Location Link: https://goo.gl/maps/AdENammnvjnJSUc99

Tel#: 098-923-4231 (Hyagon Branch)

Website: https://anan.fuji-tatsu.co.jp/

They accept yen, IC payment, and credit cards

Opening Hours: 4:00pm-6:00am (Everyday)