Parco City is here!

Aeon has built and successfully chained us all to Rycom mall, the biggest and most adventurous of all the Aeons on island, maybe even in Japan? San A has now built a competitor, right down in Urasoe- way closer to the airport and to the wharf, easily accessible and offering some pretty new and exciting stores, that both locals and tourists will enjoy.

New High End brands

San A has a lot to offer, a big plus is the variety of high end stores, which will especially draw tourists. Chanel, Dior, Coach, Swarovski, Lacoste, Levi and more great brands are represented at Parco City.

Shop High End Brands!

Store Debuts

Tourists and locals alike can now enjoy many new stores that make their first appearance in Okinawa, like Panda Express, American Makeup brand NYX, the infamous European clothing store Zara, a German Lego store and Swiss Chocolate Producer & Cafe Lindt! Many of the stores sell at the same price as internationally, but others raise their prices for their exclusiveness. Some Lindt chocolate bars can cost up to 1000 Yen, which is almost three times the price than in Europe. But hey, a once in a while splurge on fancy choco delights the soul!

Yes! Let's try all the special chocolates and sit down for a great Espresso!

San A is San A after all

Something great about Parco City is that it is still a San A, so even if you do not want to shop 'til you drop but just get your groceries done, it's a great place to do that, too. There are the usual stores we love, like Muji, Starbucks, Murasaki Sports, San A department stores, 1 coin stores, an even bigger H&M, food courts, seats to relax and a supermarket. It's really a great place to get all your shopping done, even though, just as at Rycom, the "get there" takes a little longer because of the congested traffic in Urasoe and around the mall.

It was Saturday, so the food courts naturally overflow. Come during the week and it will be a lot quieter.

I definitely want to come back many times and explore all the cool new stores and areas. The ocean is also right across the street in case you want to send your kids or friends off to swim or snorkel while you shop!

Very easily accessible! Check out the ocean. Though you can swim, there are only stairs, no beach.

サンエー浦添西海岸 PARCO CITY

  • ADDRESS: 〒901-2123 沖縄県浦添市西洲3-1-1
  • TEL: 098-975-5519
  • OPEN: 10:00~22:00
  • URL: