Okinawa’s most famous snorkeling spot and one of Japan’s most sought out scuba sights. Crystal clear water and turquoise blue sea with an abundance of fish and sea life draw locals and visitors alike. Maeda Misaki is located right on the coast of Onna-son, not too far from the famous cape Zanpa.

Dive deep into "Au no Dokutsu"

“Blue Cave” or in Japanese “青の洞窟” (Au no Dokutsu) is a deep cave that goes into the rock of the Manda cape where many beautiful fish and sea creatures gather. Even though it is right at the cliff, it is so deep that you can free dive or scuba dive quite far down. The cave is not too wide so it is easy to swim to the end and climb onto the rocks to see the light on the other side. A wonderful adventure and an unforgettable experience if you visit Okinawa.

The cape is actually managed, so entrance is daily from 8:30am-5:30pm. It is free, but there is a great parking area right at the cape, which only costs 100 Yen per hour. It often gets crowded, so be sure to plan enough time for a wait. But cars leave so frequently that the line is always moving. The cape also has a little shops where you can rent and buy snorkeling gear. A friend of mine actually bought prescription glasses to insert in his goggles. They cost 2500 Yen and work so well, that the goggles do not fog.

It is best to snorkel at Maeda Misaki at low tide, on a sunny and calm day. As the water is low, it is easier to walk on the rocks to get to the drop. Be sure to wear booties. There is no beach and even though there are concrete stairs to get to the water, the coral is sharp and sea urchins poke their spikes out. But snorkeling and the abundance of fish at Maeda is so amazing. They come close, swim around you and if you scuba, you can see even more beautiful sea creatures down below!


Address:〒904-0417 沖縄県国頭郡恩納村字真栄田469−1

Business hours: Daily, 8:30am-5:30pm

Showers & Lockers hours: 7am-7pm

Parking lot hours: 7am-9pm (closing hours change according to season)