Enjoy your summer with a fantastic all day stay at a hotel! MOON BEACH offers a special ticket for all locals and tourists on Okinawa. For 2,200 Yen you can enjoy your stay at Moon Beach hotel in Onna, all day, free use of the pool, beach, facilities and an incredible all inclusive buffet at the restaurant for lunch.

It’s an all-day outing, so pack your beach bag, a good book, your portable battery chargers and some comfortable lounge wear for this relaxing stay. As soon as the pool is open you can come and swim, chill in the sun on the chairs, take a nice stroll through the hotel shops, the beautiful gardens or just head right down to Moon Beach to swim in the water. During lunch time, which starts at 11:30, the incredible buffet opens for you. The food ranges from Japanese traditional foods like soba, curry, champuru stir fry, to international cuisine, roast beef, Chinese dumplings, fries, various fried chicken, breads, an incredible salad and fruit bar and all kinds of juices, coffees, and refreshing citrus waters. The dining area is big and offers and wonderful view on the pool and beach.

After lunch you will most likely want to take a nap by the pool before you jump back into the water. The inside and outside public pools are great for kids and has a life guard stationed at all times, just like at the the beach. Take a Saturday or even a mid-week day to pamper yourself here at Moon Beach hotel.

The ticket is sold by Okinawa COOP and can even be acquired at your local convenience store. Check out the web page to get more information (Japanese only.) The pool can be used from 8:30-21:00 and the dining area is open for you from 11:30-15:00. Kids only pay 1,100 Yen for this great deal.

Reservation phone number for the Moon Beach Pool & Lunch ticket: 098-941-8000

Website: https://www.okinawa.coop/news_detail.html?code=70