If you are looking for a modern, thoughtful decorated, spacious cafe with delicious Italian coffee and fresh scones, Jardan Cafe is just the place for you. I first discovered it with a friend when it was still at its old location. There were a few chairs to sit and when I returned to their new and neatly furnished new building, I fell I love immediately. The bakery and counter are located on the first floor where you can also purchase Jardan themed goods, handmade trinkets, eco friendly bags and scone gift baskets. You order at the counter, take it to go or enjoy a great time with friends or an interesting book upstairs in the second floor seating area.

The scone set is the best seller at Jardan. You pay 520Yen for a scone and a coffee or tea or 660Yen for two scones and a coffee or tea. Jardan uses the Illy coffee brand, which is real Italian espresso. Their cappuccino is so delicious! Creamy and milky but with a deep taste of espresso.

Freshly baked scones are brought out on display downstairs every few minutes and you can choose from different exciting flavours like camembert cheese, caramel crumble or sakura flower. I really liked the strawberry scone, which is fruity and fresh. The scones are served with a little whip cream, which makes the set just perfect! A scone sells for 140 Yen, but you can assemble your 6 favorite scones in a cute boy for 990 Yen or 8 scones for 1280 Yen to bring back home or give as a present. A plus at Jardan: They accept credit card. A perfect afternoon spot to relay and enjoy delicious coffee and freshly baked scones!

Opening Hours

09:00-19:00 (Holiday: Sunday)

Jardan Cafe

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