First of all, let me just clarify that this is not the famous internationally renowned curry place nor is it in any way associated with Miguel’s great-grandmother (Disney reference, anyone?). Coco’s Restaurant is a family dining place which is what I believe to be the closest Japan can get to a typical American diner – booths and counter seats, open late hours, and of course, delicious hamburgers! Obviously, served with rice but then again, kind of expected since we are in Japan after all.

Anyhow, let me elaborate a bit more on their hamburger. This seems to be their most popular dish as apparent by the use of it in almost every single pictures and posters you can find regarding this restaurant – and rightfully so. Something that delicious should be showcased with pride at every opportunity possible. Although, the burger appearance itself is everything you would expect from a typical burger patty, the texture of it is so soft that it pulls apart with a simple stab at it with a fork. Almost reminds me of a well roasted beef brisket. It’s a nice unique combination of soft and juicy clump of ground beef served medium rare. The medium rare part, I wasn’t quite sure if safe to eat but I guess it’s okay since I’ve had it and nothing seems to be wrong with me (that the burger caused anyways). For those who prefer their beef cooked more towards well done, fear not for the sizzling plate and hot cooking pellet will take care of the rest. As for the other items of the menu, they have the typical pasta dishes, pizza, salads, finger foods, antipasto, and desserts. Not to mention the drink bar with a modest selection of beers and spirits. I usually get the drink bar just for the wide selection of teas. It’s pretty calming stuff. Pricewise: 400 yen for this, 600 yen for that, ultimately, you’ll average about 1,000+ yen per person. It’s actually quite reasonable for the quantity and quality of the food.

They have many Coco’s Family Restaurant branches in Japan, unfortunately with only just 4 in Okinawa. Easiest one to access is the branch near Gushikawa Aeon. Directions are pretty simple as all you have to do is exit Kadena gate 2, keep going straight until you hit the intersection of Awase bay street Route 85. Then, go left. On Route 85, keep straight until you see a big Aeon mall on the left. Coco’s Family Restaurant is on the parking lot of that Aeon.

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10:00am-12:00am (Everyday)

Coco's Family Restaurant

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