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The entire menu at the Chatan location is available for take out! So no excuse not to enjoy your favorite gyoza or ramen to go!

“That’s a spicy meat-a-ball!”

That is one of my favourite movie quotes from “The Mask” which comes to mind every time I eat something spicy here in Okinawa. Usually, this is when I use the fire sauce on my chalupa at Taco Bell or when I order a spicy level 4 at a certain yellow bannered chain curry restaurant (That is another review for another day) but, not when it comes to ramen. Kyoto Ramen Kairikiya is one of the many typical ramen restaurants located in Okinawa with the exception of its extra spicy miso ramen. The restaurant is larger than most ramen places, having a combination of both counter and table seating. As far as ramen restaurants go, this one is probably the cleanest one I’ve seen.

For the menu, their specialty is the distinct soy ramen. This is of course, complete with all the trimmings. They also have about 7 other variety flavoured ramen such as spring onions, thick flavoured, salt, miso, and the one that I got– the spicy miso which appropriately is even labelled as “Shockingly Spicy!” (I did not see when I ordered). Turns out, it was delicious! Sure, I was sweating from my eyebrows but hey, it beats going to the gym. The spices go especially well with the fresh extra garlic that you can crush in to your dish. Some other things to note about the ramen is that aside from selecting what other toppings you want, you can also choose the hardness of the noodles. They also have your standard kimchi, gyoza, fried rice, and fried chicken. Food portion size is pretty average and cost per ramen is reasonable ranging between 750 to 950 yen depending on the size.

In closing, honestly with all the ramen restaurants in the area, it’s really tough to compete to stay relevant in the business. In my opinion, Kairikiya is not the best on island but it certainly is up there as one of the best. Kyoto Ramen Kairikiya can be found in 2 locations on island. One branch is located in the Mihama Chatan area almost directly across from the corner gate of Camp Lester along route 58 and the second branch is located in the 4th floor food court of Aeon Rycom mall. Easiest way to get there is go from route 58 and head towards the ferris wheel. It will be on your left.

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Opening Hours: 11:00am-12:00mn (Sun-Thurs), 11:00am-03:00am (Fri, Sat, Day before national holidays)

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