Just how important is rice in Japanese restaurants? Considering that most restaurants have replaced their hamburger buns with rice, well, I would say it’s pretty darn important. I mean what’s next? Continental breakfast rice bowls? Doesn’t sound very appealing but that would be interesting. Gokoku restaurant understands this well and has put extra emphasis on their rice by truly showcasing it as the star of their dishes.

Gokoku at first glance seems like a typical restaurant until you get served your rice. Rice is served in a mini pork bun steamer looking container with an inner metal coating inside. The rice is at about 80% cooked when served on the table and are given strict instructions on how to cook it the remaining 20%. This is some real serious stuff. I mean, they even give you an hour glass to measure. Obviously, the taste is as expected, sublime. You know good rice when you can eat it as is without any viand. They also have a range of different types of rice such as the ju-go-kokumai which is a Japanese style rice mix which they include different types of grains and sometimes red beans. As for the viand, they have the standard tonkatsu, karaage, tempura, saba-miso, ox tongue, etc. all good stuff. I recommend the Katsu with the demi-glace sauce which is actually interesting because most of the times in Japanese restaurants, they pair katsu with tonkatsu sauce or curry. They also have a good selection on desserts but nothing to really fuss about. Just typical good Japanese desserts. In terms of pricing, I would say it is a little bit on the above average side but understandable as this restaurant serves quality over quantity. Each dish will set you back about 1,000+ yen.

Overall, Gokoku seems fitting for all types of diners such as a family dinner out option, lunch with co-workers, friends, and most definitely date night. The restaurant is situated conveniently on the window side of the 4th floor of the AEON Rycom mall giving it a nice modest view. They currently only have one branch in Okinawa. To get there, simply head to the AEON Rycom mall. Gokoku is located on the 4th floor close to the Cinemas.

They accept yen and credit cards and IC cash

Opening Hours

11:00-23:00, Everyday


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