Let’s get your chic on!

When dining on an Island that feels like summer all year long, it’s hard to find places that you can kick back and enjoy with a sense of high class that doesn’t burn through your pockets. Wagyu Café Kapuka is a perfect for such times. The restaurant is eloquently designed with elegant patio furniture both in the interior and exterior. They also have a hanging chair hammock which I thought was pretty cool located outside. Another fancy touch is that most of the seating comes with throw pillows. Throw pillows, EVERYWHERE! They even provide you with a cozy blanket when it gets a bit windy. I almost got confused and didn’t know whether to eat or take a nap.

On to the food. They serve a fusion between Hawaiian and Japanese which was just absolutely exquisite. They serve curry dishes, Wagyu beef (as the name suggests), and some seafood such as shrimp and shell fish but nothing to get enthusiastic over. I had their specialty called the “Kapuka selected 3” which represents the most popular 3 dishes of the restaurant. Although the Wagyu beef is served a bit thin and already sliced, one good thing is you can tell them how you would like your steak prepared. Most of their dishes comes with a few greens on the plate to balance out the protein. One thing to note- if you see a flower on your plate, do not eat it! It looks like it is part of the meal but this is only for decorations. Do not make the same mistake I did. They also serve many spirit alcohols including cocktails, saki (Japanese rice wine), whiskey, and sparkling wines including Don Perignon (I told you, you’ll get your chic on). Price range is on the higher end, averaging at around 1,500 to 3,500 yen each entrée.

To conclude, it might be a good idea to leave your kid’s at home for this one. Atmosphere of this restaurant is more for date night or girl’s night out. The restaurant is located in Chatan area by the seawall boardwalk at the back of the Hilton hotel. The easiest way to find the restaurant is to go to the corner end of the boardwalk and find the restaurant with the egg shaped hammock outside. It shouldn’t be that hard to find.

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09:00am-10:00pm (Everyday)

Wagyu Cafe Kapuka

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