If you’ve stayed in japan for more than even just a day, I’m sure you’ve seen those triangle rice balls called onigiri at any of your local convenience stores. Usually having a variety of different flavours inside, they do have one particular type of onigiri which is especially popular here in Okinawa; the pork tamago. Almost as if mimicking a sandwich, the pork-tamago is an onigiri which utilizes luncheon meat and egg as their primary ingredient. This type of onigiri is so popular that it was only a matter of time before a restaurant brought it up to the next level.

So what exactly is Onigiri Breakfast doing to this traditional pork tamago onigiri? For starters let’s keep it simple; together with the luncheon meat and egg as the base, they have single additional ingredients such as miso, ume, pickled takana which is mustard green (yep you heard me, something pickled and mustard as a single ingredient! Not really sure about this one), mentaiko mayonnaise, kombu soy, and stir fried carrots. I recommend the miso as you can’t really go wrong with that one. It’s always delicious! Now, if you’re really hungry, I would suggest you get their two-tiered pork tamago onigiri’s which have some pretty exotic combinations such as fried shrimp tar-tar, goya tempura, tonkatsu, taco jalapeno, and of course, their colossal fried onigiri & wasabi tar-tar. Why did I call it colossal? Well for starters, it’s huge! Almost comparable to the size of a double whopper. Did I mention it’s deep fried? Ohhh, now I have your attention, huh? This pork tamago is dipped in some kind of cheese batter and then deep fried to the shape of a taco shell and then filled with ingredients such as lettuce, more cheese, and tar-tar sauce. I don’t know how to describe the taste other than “an interesting explosion” but it’s a definite must try. The cost is ridiculously reasonable as each onigiri ranges at around only 280-400 yen. I think the amount of calories is more than the actual cost of each onigiri.

Onigiri breakfast can be located at the far end of Chatan’s Depot Island. It’s right in front of the seawall which makes the view another reason to try this place out. Easiest way to get there is from the Ferris wheel, head towards the sea until you reach the boardwalk. Amongst the group of restaurants all facing the ocean, Breakfast Onigiri is around the middle.

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7:00am-5:30pm (Everyday)

Onigiri Breakfast

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