Another in our series looking at the wide variety of eateries available in American Village, this time it’s the turn of Pow Tacos.

Tucked away in a corner, you’ll find a neat little taco joint. Bold red and yellow signs, and strings of bright yellow lanterns act as a beacon. Pass through the small entryway to be greeted by a covered outside seating area, indoor seating, and a market style take out window. Cheerful staff greet you with a menu (there are also menus hung everywhere, so you won’t be lost on what they serve) handily in both Japanese and English. You can order items and drinks as individual dishes, or they offer combo meals.

The first thing that caught my eye (aside from the bright colouring of their marketing) was the black tacos. That’s right. Black tacos. To achieve this rather unusual aesthetic, they dye the shell using squid ink. I pondered over these for a time, before deciding I wasn’t feeling too brave, and settling on two tacos and water instead. I have to say, they were really good. Stuffed to burst with fresh ingredients, laced with flavour, and surprisingly filling. They had a satisfying crunch, but weren’t so crispy they fell apart in my hands, a great balance.

The meal was 430 yen, as I opted for individual items, foregoing a combo including a drink, making it a fraction cheaper. They have taco rice as well, and offer beverages both soft and alcoholic.

Quirky ingredients aside, I enjoyed the simplicity of the place. Menu isn’t extensive, but if you want tacos or taco rice, you’ll get just that. No fuss. and in a timely, polite manner to boot. Sometimes the simple pleasures in life are the best.

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TUESDAY – SUNDAY  12:00 am – 9:00 pm

Pow Tacos

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