The 2015 dive season is coming to a close, but that just means more great dives for next year are right around the corner. December and January will be bringing some new and wonderful things to the Okinawa diving scene. We will see the first Dive Rite Tech center open on Okinawa, supporting the full range of Dive Rite gear, both recreational and tech. No more waiting to order online; everything from sidemount rigs and wings for back-mounted doubles, stage bottle rigs, reels or simple clips will be in stock and ready to purchase at amazing low prices at the new Reef Encounters retail outlets, scheduled to open December 2015. We will also be supporting a full range of classes so you can use all your new tech gear. Intro to Tech, Decompression Diver, and Trimix will all be offered on a regular basis, with rebreather training also being offered throughout the year. Rebreather support with Sofnolime® and other accessories will also be available.

So if you are a tech diver, aspiring tech diver or tech instructor, Reef Encounters will be your all around shop for support and supplies to take you deeper than you’ve gone before. Along with Dive Rite, Reef Encounters will be carrying such names as Shearwater, OxyCheq and others to support your diving needs. Reef Encounters is also scheduled to be back in the water and running both technical and recreations trips on a daily basis starting in December.

Not only is the diving on Okinawa progressing, but the new year means it’s hammerhead shark season in Yonaguni. We have already posted dates for the Yonaguni tours for 2016 on the Reef Encounters Dive Team Facebook page. Seats are filling fast, so please get your reservations and deposits in early, as 2016 promises to be an epic year for sharks and you do not want to miss out on these amazing trips. There are tours scheduled for January 15th and 27th, February 11th and 25th, and March 20th to swim with the sharks and explore the ruins of Yonaguni.

December and January will also see both divemaster and instructor classes take place at Reef Encounters, so if you want to take the next step and become a dive professional, contact us now. Reef Encounters will also be looking to hire instructors and divemasters for the 2016 season and to staff a new facility in 2016. If you are looking to join an elite team of dive professionals and teach diving using the latest techniques and tools, contact us now.