Like all ‘roadside stations’ across Japan, Onna no eki sells speciality goods produced in the local area; this one sells all kinds of things produced in Onna village. It’s a fairly large complex of shops and stalls surrounding a covered outdoor eating area which has a relaxed yet lively atmosphere. Located just off Route 58 in the old area of Nakadomari there’s a sizeable parking lot, plus other facilities nearby including the Onna Village library, Culture and Information Centre and Onna museum, all of which overlook one of the best stretches of coastline and bluest waters in the whole of Okinawa.

Although Onna no eki appeals to tourists with its boxes of souvenir cookies, t-shirts and various trinkets, it is also popular with locals as a place to buy local and seasonal fruit and vegetables. Each time I visit throughout the year, I see the produce changing with the seasons – strawberries in winter and spring, passion fruits in early summer and mangos marking the hot summer months and peak tourist season. Other things to buy include fresh bakery items, shave ice, Okinawa soba and Okinawan donuts known as sata andagi. Discount tickets for Churaumi Aquarium in Motobu are also available.

Hama no Ie is one of the food stalls selling fish and other seafood as sashimi and tempura. There is a menu just outside displaying images of each dish so ordering is very simple. Other stalls include one selling fresh coffee and coffee beans and another selling curry.

There’s definitely something here to please everyone and spending your money here is a great way of supporting local farmers and other businesses as they recover from the economic effects of the Covid pandemic.

1656-9 Nakadomari, Onna, Kunigami District, Okinawa 904-0415

Open 7 days 1000-1900

Free parking available

Cash (Yen), credit cards and electronic payments accepted