If you read our June 2015 Total Okinawa magazine issue, you’ll be all too aware of the fabulous new Aeon mall and all it’s delights. Whilst I’m certainly not trying to knock the wind out of it’s sails, let me tell you about another shopping centre, which happens to be a short walk from the mall: Plaza House.

Plaza House was established in 2004, and is a three storey shopping complex. It’s nowhere near the stature of it’s opponent, but this doesn’t take away from what a great find it was. There’s a car park out front, with plenty of space, and which is lined with a few shops and restaurants (I ate at the little A and W cafe, great pancakes if you have a sweet tooth).

Walk beyond that and the three storey complex is nestled neatly behind. Greeting you as you walk in is a cheerful blue Volkswagen Beetle. The lower floor is mostly a supermarket and seating area. Head to floor two for more action where shops are concerned.

There is a great mix of local and international. Acute has some stunning homeware and clothing, mostly oriental in style but I did spot some contemporary and Western pieces. Floor three is much the same, though you can also find a nail and hair salon, art galleries and photography studios. Studio ACE is great for baby, child and family portraits.

There is a breezy, relaxed feel to the place. It’s more open and much quieter than Aeon mall, and it offers a lovely outlook on the surrounding area. So if you fancy a quiet afternoon, and the chance to support local retailers, keep Plaza House Shopping Center in your thoughts.

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Mon – Sun  :  10:00 to 20:00

Plaza House Shopping Center: A Sweet Little Gem

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Plaza House Shopping Center: A Sweet Little Gem