Okinawa Life Coaching Card 3Everyone has dreams. Dreams that they want to be turned into reality.  For a lot of people these dreams do not get accomplished as they fail to follow them. Some of them fail to take the very first step necessary to achieve them. Well, no doubt, taking the first step is the most difficult thing to do in order to achieve the dream. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Then again, what good is your dream if it doesn’t compel you to take a few tough decisions.

Starting up is just not it. The crucial part is to keep yourself focused on your dream. A lot of people make their new year resolutions and as the first week finishes, so does their resolution. You actually have to invest in your dream.

Unknown ObjectTake a break and pause yourself. Forget about the world and concentrate on your dream. Put your knowledge into practical use. Many of us are told about this “work hard” lie, but trust me on this, work can often be depressing unless it is done for the outworking of our passion. Actually if we are passionate about our dream then working doesn’t remain working anymore. There might be a hard way ahead; its advisable to expect this and not an easy path. By dooing this, you won’t take the obstacles as a surprise.

Make some short term goals. Dividing your main goal into small sub-divisions is going to make the accomplishment of your dreams a lot more easier. Keep reviewing your progress regularly. It will help you to visualise your success will work as a motivation.

Keep learning from your failures. Don’t let them set you back. Take criticisms in the most positive way you can. Some of them might ruin your day. While some might set your way. It’s all about how you take it.

Success demands sacrifices. It has been said- “No pain, no gain”, very true! You might have to give up a lot of things dear to you, including your relationships. The best part is that your dream will not wake up and say that it doesn’t love you anymore! Quite a win-win, ain’t it?

Give a break to the excuses. You may not have the best luck on the universe, don’t use this as an excuse. Instead, you should fight for your dreams. Keep them alive. In the words of Paul Valery – “The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up”.

Use all you’ve got and invest in your dream!