Coaching - Arrows Hit in Target

Coaching – Arrows Hit in Target

Are you an adult getting ready to go back to school? Whether it’s managing classes, organizing your schedule, or breaking the habit of procrastination, going back to school can be stressful for adult students. These seven tips can make it easier and hopefully provide some encouragement and motivation for your journey.

1.  Get organized.
Create a to-do list of the things that need to be accomplished for the week. Highlight and underline if you need to. Create a space in your home that is dedicated to you and your study time.

2. Create your circle of cheerleaders.
Having a support system that will encourage and motivate you is important. If you don’t have any cheerleaders in your family, create your own circle by networking with other classmates in your program. Introduce yourself to other students and share information.

3. Stay focused.
Remember why you started in the first place. Never forget your end goal and what you are trying to achieve. Keeping in mind your future accomplishments will motivate you and cause you to be serious about what you’re doing.

4. Take care of yourself.
Going back to school can be stressful enough. Don’t neglect yourself. Take care of YOU. Remember to exercise, get sleep, and eat right. Stressed? Get a massage or facial to relieve tension and clear your mind.

5. Fight Procrastination.
How? With your thoughts! Make up in your mind that you’re going to succeed no matter what, and JUST DO IT! When despair, laziness or the potato chip monster come around … FIGHT BACK!

6. Stay in contact with your instructors.
It’s important to email or stop by to introduce yourself to your professors. This isn’t being the teacher’s pet, it’s being responsible and letting them know you take your grade seriously.

7. Be patient.
The most important tip anyone can have while going back to school is to be patient. Patience is key. Nothing comes overnight and success takes time. Be patient with yourself and everything will fall into place.

About the Contributor:
T. Denise Manning is the owner of Imagine Potential Life Strategies Coaching Firm at
She is a new contributor for Total Okinawa, writing the
“Total You” segment.