Denise T Manning

Denise T Manning

Often times society dictates to numerous people and by default, defines who they become. I believe that we are here, in this period and place, for a reason. You may wonder why it is obligatory to be unique. A purpose is that which we alone can fulfil. For this reason, it’s of necessity to be unique. Unfortunately many of us do not know this reason, this purpose; we attempt to follow what others say.

1. Know that you are already unique.
We all are unique because we are a combination of experiences, character, and outlook that no one else has ever had or ever will have. Our DNA is unique, even identical twins are not 100% identical. Do you want to be unique? Congratulations. You already are.

2. Spend some solitary time.
To really get down to who you are and what makes you unique, you must spend time alone occasionally. Disconnect from everything. What are you left with? Meditate on what matters to you.

3. Discover yourself and be yourself.
In order to be unique, you must be yourself and not a replication of someone else. If you are unaware of your status, that process can seem a bit scary. To be yourself, you have to discover yourself. Do you know what it is you like? What you are like? Who are you when no one else is nearby?

4. Know what you want.
Be very certain that you truly want to be unique. What does different actually mean to you? What do you perceive as normal? What is it about people that strike you as “the same?” Every person’s interpretation of “unique” varies. It is how they look? Act? Talk? Dream?

5. Don’t strive to be “normal”, “trendy” or “abnormal.”
Chasing any label, including unique, is unproductive. That’s a self-centered drive to be different. There are a billion other people on planet earth that are striving for normal, trendy or abnormal, just aim for you. Whatever it is, it’s good and true. It’s easier to pursue no labels when you realize they don’t exist.

6. Know how you want to be unique.
Once you’ve pinpointed what “unique” is to you, how do you want to go about it? You could be unique in so many ways.

7. Observe your environment.
Take a step back from your surroundings for a moment and just observe. How are people behaving? How do they interact with each? What assumptions do they all make? How are they dressed? For example, an European man that bows instead of shaking hands will be different in his culture, but be pretty normal in Asia. In order to know how to be different, you have to take into account your environment. Think of three words to describe yours. Now, what’s the opposite of that?

8. Experience New Things.
Your life experiences set you apart from everyone else. This directly leads to your uniqueness.
Take look at the impact of some people that dared to be unique. Thomas Edison, Steve jobs, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Oprah, e.t.c.

If you want to make a difference in life, BE UNIQUE! Be proud to be different. Remember that being unique is just that… being. Be you! Embrace who you are and live unapologetically.