The Total Okinawa magazine is a quarterly publication aimed at English speaking residents and visitors to Okinawa. It features:

  • Unique reviews, information and things to do in Okinawa written only for us
  • Interactive video content inside the digital magazine
  • It’s FREE
  • totallysmart content to help you find businesses around Okinawa
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Past Issues

Keep On Food Truckin' - October 2022 Magazine Cover

OCT - DEC 2022

Keep On Food Truckin’
Okinawa’s guide to the best meals on wheels

Do you ever simply not have the time to dine and wished that your food would be ready right out of a truck? My thoughts exactly!

Start your engines as we explore some of the best food trucks this island has to offer!

Total Okinawa Magazine Cover July 2022

JUL - SEP 2022

Taco Rice!
The ultimate guide to one of Okinawa’s oldest comfort dishes

Don’t taco to me now because I’m about to present to you a taco rice fiesta! This highly addictive Okinawan comfort food has broken all cultural stereotypes and has managed to find a special place in the heart of every Uchinanchu

Total Okinawa Magazine Cover April 2022

APR - JUN 2022

Hanami or Hana-You?
Let the Okinawa flower gardens invigorate your senses!

It’s that time of the year again to step out of your hibernation cave and inhale Okinawa’s nature at its finest. That’s right, spring time is here!

Total Okinawa Magazine Cover January 2021

JAN - MAR 2022

Live, Love & Live Again
It’s time to fall in love with an Okinawan adventure!

As we enter the “too cold for casual swimming” season, it’s time to hang up those bathing suits and bring down those hiking boots. Get ready for an adventure in Okinawa!