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Total Okinawa Magazine July 2018 Cover - Capes of Okinawa

DEC 2016 - Jan 2017

They say, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” What better way to learn about a country’s culture than by taking part in its holiday customs and traditions? In our feature, we share six Japanese New Year traditions for you to try out this holiday season! And, if learning Japanese is one of your resolutions, check out our review of ICLC Language School’s immersion program. Want to take some Oki-inspired holiday photos? Check out our newest Total You article with photo tips from Fotoshisa! We’ve also got reviews of Sand’s Diner, Himeyuri Peace Museum, and Jetta Burger, plus our latest Weird & Wonderful news.
Total Okinawa Magazine Cover Apr 2018 - Live Healthy Like An Okinawan

OCT - NOV 2016

Part of the fun of living in Okinawa is exploring the little, unassuming places, because they often yield interesting discoveries. The Koza area in Okinawa City is filled with such spots, so check our featured article, a round up of our top things to do in Koza. If sightseeing and traveling are at the top of your bucket list, you’ll want to read up on our reviews of the Naval Underground Headquarters, Nakagusuku Castle, and Hong Kong Airlines. We’ve also reviewed the delicious buffet spot Corallo at Moon Beach Resort. Learn about new dive opportunities with our latest Dive Report from Reef Encounters, or read up on atypical Japan news in our Weird & Wonderful feature.
Total Okinawa Magazine Cover Jan 2018 - Okinawa Adventure Bucket List

AUG - SEP 2016

As summer comes to a close, and many prepare for another year at school, it may be time to start asking yourself: what do I want to do with my time here in Okinawa? Have you always wanted to learn to dive? Check out our Dive Report from Reef Encounters for convenient ways to get certified. Want to learn Japanese, surfing, or how to make an Okinawan craft? Then you’ll want to see our feature, Learn a New Skill: The Total Okinawa Guide. Of course, eating and consuming entertainment don’t have to be learned, only enjoyed, so take a look at our reviews of Wagamichi Ramen, Itoman Tourist Farm, Yomitan Pottery Village and Jimmy’s, plus the latest Weird & Wonderful.
Total Okinawa Magazine Cover Jan 2018 - Okinawa Adventure Bucket List

JUN - JUL 2016

There’s nothing wrong with being a beach bum all summer. Resources abound listing some of the great beaches on Okinawa, including our guide to beaches. But if you to find yourself wondering what else there is to do on island this summer, check out our Not at the Beach guide to alternative summer activities, as well as our article on Fukushen Gardens. Going out to eat is always in season, so take a look at our reviews on Kitchen 58 and seafood restaurant Highway 1 as well as Torii Taproom. We’ve also got our regular Weird & Wonderful article.
Total Okinawa Magazine Cover Jan 2018 - Okinawa Adventure Bucket List

APR - MAY 2016

There is the saying, “April showers bring May flowers.” Hopefully the wet weather won’t compromise your plans for exploring Okinawa this spring! We’ve got our list of spots in Naha to check out, some that you may not have seen before! If you plan to see the sights in Naha, also check out our review of Naminoue Shrine, which has info on this historical and cultural treasure. If you’d rather get away from the city and still get some authentic Okinawan food, check out our reviews of Uminchu seafood restaurant and Syokudo & Teishoku restaurant. We’ve also got the latest dive report from Reef Encounters as well as Weird & Wonderful.
Total Okinawa Magazine Cover Jan 2018 - Okinawa Adventure Bucket List

FEB - MAR 2016

The “newness” of 2016 has worn off. Resolutions have been made, and perhaps broken. Are you back to your same-old, same-old routine? Need some ideas on what to do to get out and enjoy the island? In this issue, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite date night ideas, and the “date” part is optional! We also break down all the details of those “love hotels” you’ve heard about, so you know what to expect. And, sometimes you just need a new restaurant to try. Be sure to read our reviews on Ayurveda and Green River Cafe. And don’t miss our dive report from Reef Encounters as well as Weird & Wonderful.

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