The Total Okinawa magazine is a quarterly publication aimed at English speaking residents and visitors to Okinawa. It features:

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  • Interactive video content inside the digital magazine
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OCT - DEC 2020

Xmas In Okinawa – How To Celebrate The Japanese Way
Christmas is coming! We’ve put together a guide to the holiday season in Japan. How do the locals celebrate Christmas and the start of a new year.
KFC for Christmas lunch anyone?

Total Okinawa Magazine October 2018 Cover - Okinawa Illuminations

JUL - SEP 2020

Covid Me Not! – How to enjoy summer under the new pandemic normal
Now that restrictions are being relaxed we’ve put together our top 5 Okinawa locations for a socially distanced visit this Summer.
Get out and enjoy Okinawa again with these great places to visit!

Total Okinawa Magazine October 2018 Cover - Okinawa Illuminations

APR - JUN 2020

It’s time to raise the Steaks!
Beef up your meat game with the best steak houses on Island. After the passing of the cold season, nothing beats biting into a good tender succulent piece of grilled beef to awaken you from hibernation.

Total Okinawa Magazine October 2018 Cover - Okinawa Illuminations

JAN - MAR 2020

Trees of Green, Red Roses Too

And I think to myself, what a wonderful… Okinawa!
When it comes to Valentine’s Day, what better way to serenade your loved one than to spend a beautiful day surrounded in nature and enjoy a romantic picnic away from all the hustle and bustle?

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