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Total Okinawa Magazine October 2018 Cover - Okinawa Illuminations

OCT-DEC 2018

After a long, hot summer, Okinawa celebrates the turn of seasons in spectacular style—with illuminations! There are many events across the island, but we have narrowed it down to our top five favorite displays.

Our food reviews this month include Fish Market Payao, Big Heart Steakhouse and Posillipo. There’s also some sighteseeing info on Katsuren Castle and Gyokusendo Cave.
We’ve also got our latest edition of Weird & Wonderful news.
Total Okinawa Magazine July 2018 Cover - Capes of Okinawa

Jul-Sep 2018

Okinawa’s beauty can be enjoyed from many places, but some of the best outlooks are from atop a cape. Sparkly oceans, salty air, and a horizon view you’ll never forget. Our center spread features four of Okinawa’s famous capes. Our food reviews this month include Bovino’s, The Orange at Kafuu, Baqet, Wagyu Cafe Kapuka and Onigri Breakfast; something for breakfast, lunch and dinner!
Total Okinawa Magazine Cover Apr 2018 - Live Healthy Like An Okinawan

Apr-Jun 2018

Are you ready to live your best life? Living in Okinawa makes it easy: there is so much to do to stay healthy, inside and out! Check out our feature, Live Healthy Like an Okinawan, for tips on eating healthy and staying active, following the lead of some of the healthiest and longest-living people on earth! We also review The Cheese Guy, Hiji Falls, Aka Jima, Papa’s Kitchin, and we have a guide to using the fun Japanese photo booths called Purinto Kurabu, or Purikura for short! We’ve also got our latest edition of Weird & Wonderful news.
Total Okinawa Magazine Cover Jan 2018 - Okinawa Adventure Bucket List

Jan-Mar 2018

If you need some ideas on some of the wondrous places to see around the island this year, look no further than the Okinawa Adventure Bucket List, our feature article and guide of our top five things in nature you absolutely must do while in Okinawa. We also revisit the new offerings at Key’s Cafe, and scope out the variety of olive oils at Shalimar. Check out our reviews of Ajitoya Curry, and spicy ramen at Gadou and Kairikiya. We’ve also got our latest edition of Weird & Wonderful news.

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