The Total Okinawa magazine is a quarterly publication aimed at English speaking residents and visitors to Okinawa. It features:

  • Unique reviews, information and things to do in Okinawa written only for us
  • Interactive video content inside the digital magazine
  • It’s FREE
  • totallysmart content to help you find businesses around Okinawa
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Total Okinawa Magazine Cover July 2021 - Sweet Home Okinawa

Latest Issue - OCT - DEC 2021

Happy New YOU!
Celebrate the holidays by relaxing the Okinawan way!

The year-end should be more than just partying and celebrating but also an opportunity to power down to relax and rejuvenate to welcome 2022 with open arms. Here are some of the best ways to do that on island

Total Okinawa Magazine Cover July 2021 - Sweet Home Okinawa

Latest Issue - JUL - SEP 2021

Sweet Home Okinawa – The Last Allowed Guilty Pleasure
DESSESERTS! Sweet, delicious, desserts. As always, Total Okinawa has got you covered. Here are some of the best desserts on island that will hit those tastebuds with sweet happiness.

Total Okinawa Magazine Cover Apr - Jun 2021

APR - JUN 2021

Budget, Bargain, and Beyond! – The ultimate guide for Okinawa thrifting
There are some hidden (and not so hidden) super savers on the island that will really give your wallet a much needed break, we shows you some of the best places to strike a good bargain on Oki.

Total Okinawa Magazine Cover January 2021

JAN - MAR 2021

The Uminchu Captain – Face the Okinawan seas with the wind in your sails
When roads can only take you so far, you’re bound to face off with the open seas!
Well, straddle up, Buccaneer! Allow me to be your guide to some of the open sea adventures Okinawa has to offer!

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