Indian food is plentiful here on Okinawa, so why A Danny? What makes them stand out amongst their competitors? Allow me to explain.

Despite the curious name, A Danny is probably my favourite Indian restaurant on island. I’m a big lover of Indian cuisine, it happens to be my favourite. First thing you’ll notice as you step through the doors is how clean and cosy the place is. It has a warm ambience, staff are polite, and the decor is modern. There is plenty of seating, including booths lining three walls (these are slightly enclosed, with curtains and partitions, perfect for a romantic meal), and tables in the central area. They have a neat, well stocked bar, a small area where sometimes live music is performed, and the kitchen has a large window, so you can watch the chefs at work. You can usually see them making naan bread from scratch, fascinating!

That’s all well and good, but what’s the food like? Simply divine! They have a great selection of curries, including a range of vegetarian options, tandoori dishes, naan sandwiches, appetisers, and desserts. Looking for value? They have set meals too, for small and big appetites. The best set includes a curry, naan, salad, and a tandoori dish, so you can try a cross section of their entire menu for a decent price. The curry especially is worth your time. The chicken and eggplant is rich and opulent, and comes at four spice levels, depending on your palate. I go mild; all of the flavour and none of the heat, but still with a little kick. Vegetarian? The potato and chickpea curry is a filling and tasty choice, so is the mixed bean. If you’re omnivorous and looking for an authentic Indian dining experience, go for the mixed bean curry. In India, a large portion of daily dishes are vegetarian, and a lot are made with lentils and beans, because they are an affordable ingredient for a poor population. Team it with one of their delicious (and surprisingly big!) naan’s, a traditional Indian bread. In India, people don’t use cutlery, they break the naan and scoop the curry! Worth a go if you don’t mind a little bit of mess! If not, they have cutlery and chopsticks on every table. Everything is cooked fresh too. Still peckish? Dessert! There’s a small menu for this, and I would highly recommend the dessert naan. It’s a plain naan topped with fruit, ice cream, and syrup, and is what I imagine heaven tastes like.

Want a drink to accompany that meal? As I mentioned earlier, they have a well stocked bar. Wine, beers, and spirits are all available for your perusal, as well as soda, fruit juices, and smoothies. The smoothies are really, really good. The berry and green tea ones in particular are my favourites. Another drink worth a try is the lassi. Lassi is an Indian drink made with yogurt, sometimes with fruit in. The mango lassi is the best.

Feeling extra hungry? A Danny has an eating challenge! With a 1 hour time limit, 5 curries, 4 rice dishes, 3 naan’s, and 2 tandoori chicken dishes to eat, it isn’t for the faint hearted! If you manage to complete it, you’ll win 10,000 yen in A Danny dining vouchers, and pride of place on the challenger board. If you fail, you can take the leftovers home (you’ll have to pay 5,000 yen). To date no one has completed it. Are you up for the challenge?

Don’t feel like cooking, but don’t want to eat at a restaurant? They offer take out too. Grab a take out menu from the restaurant, or check their website.

Accepts: Yen, Dollar, and credit card

Facilities: Parking, toilets, English menu, and English speaking staff all available.

Opening Hours

Open Mon-Sun
Closed Tuesday

Asian Dining Bar A-Danny

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