Learn about this affordable travel option from Naha

by Emily Dickson

As the only airline with two direct flights a day between Okinawa and Hong Kong, HKA is the best way to get to the ‘Fragrant Harbour’. Tickets are very affordable, and most of their newer aircraft have personal entertainment systems even in economy class. Not that you’ll be able to watch an entire movie: with barely two hours of flight time between the two cities you’ll be touching down before you get to see the end of the show.

Despite the short flight, HKA does serve a hot ‘snack’ in economy, typically some type of warm bun. It’s edible … if you’re starving … but you’d definitely be better off buying some obento before you leave Naha.

Business class, however, offers excellent service, fully reclining seats, slippers, blankets and pillows, three-course meals and a wide choice of alcoholic beverages. Staff are incredibly attentive and polite. HKA regularly has offers to upgrade one-way to business class for a very reasonable price at the check-in counters at the airport, if you want to enjoy the pleasures and privileges of ‘Z’ class. Also be sure to check their website for information about their Airpass specials which sell sets of three or five business class tickets at incredibly low prices.

HKA has an extensive flight route to China and neighboring Asian nations, and recently started flying to Gold Coast, Australia. In November 2016 they will launch a new route to New Zealand. They also codeshare with Etihad Airlines for flights to Abu Dhabi and further to Europe.

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