Okinawa has many World War II history spots and one location you should definitely check out is the famous ridge of Kakazu, which lies in-between Ginowan and Urasoe. The hill is located in a small park dedicated to peace. There are playgrounds, a nice walking path and even grass fields where older citizens often come to socialize and play games.

However, the history of war stands in a sharp contrast to today’s very peaceful Kakazu. During April 8th-24th in 1945, a fierce battle shook the Shuri area, as the Americans where fighting their way south to Itoman. Overtaking the hills and the Japanese defense stations was a hard task and many lives were lost on this battleground.

The lookout point in the Kakazutaka Park allows a great view over Ginowan, Shuri and Urasoe to reconstruct the moving of the military forces back in the war. The infamous Hacksaw ridge can also be spotted from here. Following the walking paths of the hill, you can have a look at WW II Tochika caves or the Jinchi-go Underground bunkers were soldiers and civilians used to hide. History really comes alive here.

The park, as so many other beautiful memorial spots reminds us of the happenings of the war but also helps appreciate the peace that now resides on this island. In the Spring the hill is covered in beautiful cherry blossoms and it great to linger a little bit and to enjoy the day and learn more about Kakazu’s history.

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Kakazu Ridge

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