Laundromat & Cafe Ganeko is an interesting new cafe that has opened the beginning of this year in Ganeko Ginowan, right on route 330. It’s a Laundromat Cafe. One part of the business is a 24h laundromat and the other part is a cozy cafe that opens from 10am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday. The laundry section is one of the best ones in the area with 16kg dryers that only cost 100Yen per 10 minutes, washers in different sizes, a sneaker cleaner, free wifi and a waiting area with books and magazines. The modern washers range from 400Yen to 1200Yen, depending on the size and the program you select. Another great thing about the laundry section is the money changing machine. You never have to worry about carrying enough 100 Yens anymore.

During the day you can enjoy great food and drinks in the little cafe. The dish selection ranges from Curry over Taco Rice to Pizza Toast and the prizes start at 180-200 Yen for sodas, tea and coffees and 400 Yen- 600 Yen for a meal. There is a play area for kids, a TV with Japanese Netflix, comfy couches- and the best thing of all: they serve free re-fill coffee with complementary cookies. It’s a great spot to wind down, read a good book or even do homework. Usually I’m stuck between waiting at the laundromat or running around while my laundry finishes, but at the Laundry Mat & Cafe I can actually relax, surf the net and drink a nice chilled drink to kill the time.

Opening Hours: Laundromat- 24h / Café- 10am-7pm (except Sundays and Holidays.) Opening hours for the café can vary.
Address: 901-2214 Ginowan City Ganeko 1-34 (On route 330)

Opening Hours

MONDAY – SATURDAY  10:00 am – 7:00 pm

Laundromat Cafe

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