This road may seem like an ordinary road during the day but as night falls the lights make out a different character of sorts.

There is a huge intersection that cuts Naha from the South leading up to a huge roadway heading up the hill to Yaese aka Pikachu Town. When heading towards Pikachu Town you will pass the expressway and a little bridge. Now, after this bridge, there is a left turn, a bit before the huge MaxValue Supermarket. One more left turn would lead you to the little bridge overlooking this very road.

The best time to head up this bridge is when the sun goes down and the street lights turn on. It’s not that difficult to find.

You will see that from this bridge you can catch a glimpse of the lighted-up outline of Pikachu lights across the road into Yaese.

He is a beloved character in Japan and the world. This town prides itself in architecting the bright lights that outline his image.

You can freely drive up onto the bridge and enjoy the car lights intermingled with the late-night lamp posts. The Pikachu lights are a guide up our little town of Yaese.

This is a little-known secret, a town that pays homage to the character in such a bright way. The little Pikachu town of Yaese, the home to Pikachu’s lighted outline. We welcome you anytime whenever night falls and street lights turn on.

A car passing through the Pikachu Lights.
Pikachu Lights